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Breast surgery

For years, breast surgery has been the most common plastic-aesthetic surgical procedure. The shaping of the female breast through plastic surgery ranges from a breast reduction and breast lift to a breast enlargement and breast reconstruction.
Breast surgery can also be useful for men if the mammary glands enlarge because of the condition gynaecomastia.

Breast surgery – areas of application

For many women, breast surgery is the only way to have a naturally formed breast and a feminine cleavage.
Some young women only develop a little mammary gland tissue during puberty. These patients, who are affected by micromastia, often suffer a lot from their small, almost masculine, breasts. Understandably they feel the need to have a feminine breast shape through a breast enlargement.
Other women, for example with tubular breasts, sagging breasts or extreme breast asymmetry long for a more beautiful, natural form.
Breast reconstruction also has a considerable significance after breast cancer operations.
It is not uncommon for men to suffer from gynaecomastia, which results in a noticeable enlargement of the breasts. With an operation, the excess glandular tissue can be removed.
It is often necessary, therefore, to rectify a flaw, which impairs self-confidence. Patients want to look and feel “normal”. This has nothing to do with the idea of cosmetic surgery as having the motto “beautiful and more beautiful”.

Breast surgery – my consultation

An extensive consultation and preliminary examination as well as aesthetic, artistic imagination are indispensable prerequisites for breast surgery. It’s all about combining your ideas and wishes for a harmonious and naturally-looking result with my specialist medical knowledge and artistic merit.
Occasionally, patients unfortunately have unrealistic ideas about the results and possibilities of breast surgery, which I unfortunately cannot fulfil.
We have developed our own quality and safety management system for breast surgery, known as the ME Concept, which you will run through from the first consultation in my clinic in Cologne until the last control examination.
My main objective is to help you, using the most modern and gentle operation techniques, in order to provide you with attractive and naturally-looking breasts. I will be happy to discuss your individual possibilities in a non-binding personal consultation in my clinic in Cologne.