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Breast enlargement


Every breast enlargement (the scientific term is breast augmentation or mamma augmentation) is carried out with your individual physical requirements and personal wishes taken into account. The foundation for a perfect and attractive result is always an extensive and understanding consultation, in which I would like to get to know your personal desires and ideas.

Recommendation for a breast enlargement

I share the point of view of the British Medical Association to always offer two consultations for plastic and cosmetic surgery. I always did the same when I worked in London and consciously adopted this practice in my ME Concept. It’s all about you being certain and making a solid decision, which you would still make in a few years from now. For patients wishing for a breast enlargement, it is even more important because we need to choose implants that will be suitable and safe for you in the long term.

The majority of patients come to my clinic with realistic desires about the size and forms of breasts that they want. This corresponds to my target of achieving a natural and aesthetically pleasing result, which fits the total proportions of the woman.

Some women wish for extremely large breasts and ask for the largest possible breast implants. Because the insertion of such silicone implants can lead to health problems and I refuse aesthetically displeasing and artificial results, I will not carry out breast enlargement from a certain size.

3D animation of a breast enlargement

You don’t need this! In my opinion, this software is more of a sales tool for surgeons than a decision-making aid for patients. This animation diverts attention away from what is important and, in my experience, easily leads to false recommendations from a certain size.

A thorough and intensive examination and planning are absolutely essential for breast enlargement surgery. You can experience, thanks to test implants in a special shirt, how your body would look after a breast enlargement and get a first impression of the way your new body would feel. I accompany you with my aesthetic sensitivity and my many years of professional experience. So you can be certain in your decision.