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Breast implants

When selecting breast implants, your wishes, individuality, uniqueness and your anatomical features are paramount. After an extensive consultation and examination, I will show you the subtle differences of the results of my operations with different implant models through before-and-after pictures.

Your current breast shape and your anatomy are deciding factors for the choice of implants. Every woman is different and there often exists a small or larger asymmetry of the breasts, which must be taken into account in the planning process, in order to even them out.

ME Guarantee

In the first consultation, I listen to your desires and, after an examination, I recommend the optimal implant model for you, with which the perfect result for you will be achieved. Thanks to my more than 17 years’ professional experience in plastic surgery and my own consultation concept, which I have developed over the years, I know very well which implants will be right for you. Furthermore, I will give you ample opportunity to get a tangible feeling for life after a breast enlargement with individual test implants and a special shirt. This simulation is very meaningful and safe. That is what my patients always claim.

Round or anatomical implants

Because of false information on the internet, many patients believe that round implants look unnatural and only anatomical implants allow beautiful and natural results. That is absolute nonsense.

Your individual anatomy as well as your desires and expectations play a deciding role in choosing the right form of the implants. With the help of example pictures, I can prove to you that depending on the conditions, equally natural results can be achieved with special round profiles as is the case with teardrop-shaped, anatomical implants. You will not see the difference. A disadvantage of anatomical implants is the possible rotation of the implant. This has never happened in my experience nor with my patients. I have, however, had to correct patients who have had surgery elsewhere.


Your safety is the top priority. We use only highly valuable cohesive gel implants with a textured surface, which reduces the risk of capsular fibrosis. The manufacturer’s guarantee from Allergan, Mentor und Cereform.

Implant Guarantee

A product defect is only very rarely the crucial factor for a reoperation. Nevertheless, the manufacturer naturally provides a guarantee for the quality of the implants. It is a good thing to have, however this guarantee should not be overvalued. According to new EU guidelines, a life-long guarantee is misleading and, therefore, not permitted.