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Breast lift


Whether it be after pregnancy, with increased age, or already in younger years as a result of bodily composition – a sagging breast is, for many women, a factor which makes them feel fundamentally unattractive. As a result, their self-confidence and often also their sex life suffers.

Many patients, therefore, come to my clinic with the desire for a new attractive breast shape. The objective of my surgical breast lift (mastopexy) is to create a natural and aesthetically pleasing breast shape with beautiful cleavage. Furthermore, enlarged areolas – commonly as a result of pregnancy – can be reduced to an aesthetically pleasing average size of 4.0-4.5 cm during the course of the operation.

Breast lift procedure

There is a range of treatment methods for the purpose of breast lifts. Even today, it is still the practice in many cases – and especially by low-cost suppliers – to only remove superficial skin. This has nothing to do with sophisticated, aesthetically pleasing breast lifts and breast modelling.

My preferred surgical method presents a modern further development of several procedures (Hall, Findlay, Asplund, Davies and Muti Nohai). With this method of breast lifting, the breast is modelled and lifted from inside. A careful and gentle preparation and a tension-free wound closure avoids infections and provides unobtrusive healing.

As the breast should retain an aesthetically pleasing form as long as possible after the surgery, sometimes small mammary reductions (breast reductions) are also advisable in the course of the operation.

Breast lifting – my consultation

I will discuss the optimal methods with you in a thorough consultation and a specially conceived examination procedure.

In this way, your breasts will be precisely measured and prior asymmetry will also be taken into account when planning the surgery. It is also important to avoid an overcorrection during a breast lift. A too high position of the nipples is unattractive in women, as it is more characteristic of a male breast.

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