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The medical term for a breast lift is a mastopexy.
There are differences between a modified mastopexy (a small breast lift) and a ‘normal’ mastopexy with a vertical incision.

Modified mastopexy

During the small breast lift, half-moon-shaped incisions are carried out around the whole areola. This method offers only a limited tightening effect. Optimally attractive results can be achieved in combination with a breast enlargement with silicone implants.

This method only make sense in these cases and therefore I offer modified mastopexy solely in these cases.

Breast lift with minimal scarring

A breast lift without scars is, unfortunately, impossible. However, it is possible for scars to heal as finely as possible by way of a special aesthetic-surgical stitching technique and later, through normal healing, become very discreet and inconspicuous. Because of the natural shading of the nipples, scars are barely recognisable. The gentle plastic-aesthetic surgical method is decisive for a result with as little scarring as possible. As before, breast lifts are generally carried out with wide, horizontal scars and/or large anchor incisions. This is totally unnecessary even in large breast reductions. In particular, the unnecessary expansion of scars in the visible cleavage area is demonstrative of an inferior execution. In the vast majority of cases, a vertical scar technique is feasible. Very rarely and in very pronounced sagging breasts, a so-called inverted small T with minimal horizontal edges is needed. The gentle handling of the mammary gland and the nipples avoids the risk of circulatory problems, which has therefore never occurred in my clinic.