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PIP implants Do not trivialise danger!

Approximately one year after the announcement of the scandal over substandard breast implants from the manufacturers Poly Implant Prothèse (PIP) and Rofill, a new discussion has begun about the health risks of ruptured or burst gel cushions: This is because of late the British regulator MHRA is no longer advising affected women, as a principle, to have implants removed as a precautionary measure. Supposedly the industrial silicone used is neither toxic nor carcinogenic. The effect on breast milk and infants is still being checked.

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Gynaecomastia in Berlin guards

Young and old men are ashamed, do not venture into the pool, suffer from mental health problems: Men who grow female breasts. You may have read in the media about the fact that this illness called gynaecomastia, curiously, has become frequently detected in the soldiers of the guard battalion of the German armed forces in Berlin – possibly as a result of drills, during which the gun strikes against the left breast. The symptoms of the Chancellor’s guards frequently occur on the left-hand side.

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Dubious tombola for a breast enlargement

Guadalajara – the manager of “Santo Cachorro” in Guadalajara has the following advertising idea: Everyone who enters his bar receives a lot to participate in the tombola and with every drink, they receive another lot. Continue Reading

Migraine treatment

According to a report on 06.11.2009 in the Ärztezeitung (a German newspaper for doctors), doctors can surgically treat migraine – in certain patients, a severe migraine can be clearly reduced through the clearly targeted removal of individual muscle and nerve fibres.

Migraine treatment – botulinum toxin and medical treatment

Five years of data about the success of a migraine surgery were presented at a congress for plastic surgery in Seattle. Dr. Bahman Guyuron from Cleveland had operated on 79 patients.
The result: 61 patients had significantly fewer headaches after five years than before surgery (reduction of symptoms by at least 50 per cent on migraine scales) and in 20 of them, the migraine disappeared altogether. In only 8 patients the pain was only slightly eased and 10 patients had to undergo surgery again, after discovering new trigger points.
An alternative to surgery is an injection of botulinum toxin in the frontal muscles (=on the face). There is evidence that migraine symptoms are alleviated by this treatment

In comparison, an operation has significant disadvantages and I would not recommend it despite the medically interesting results from the U.S.A.

Silicone versus saline

In an American study published in the American journal Cancer(McCarthy et al., 2010) in November 2010, women were asked about their satisfaction with breast reconstruction after breast cancer. According to this study, patients with silicone implants were more satisfied than those with saline-filled breast implants. However, the satisfaction was not always directly attributable to the type of implant. Continue Reading

Insurance for cosmetic surgery

Take out insurance for cosmetic surgery? Even though complications after surgery are rare and a quality-oriented professional planning on our part minimises the risks before and after surgery. Continue Reading

Stitching method for ear correction

What you need to know about ear correction and the MERCK stitching method – There are different techniques for correcting ears that stick out; these techniques are also known as otoplasty. The suitable treatment must be ascertained in advance with the plastic surgeon, based on the individual case and the patient’s anatomy. Continue Reading

Botox only with a medical specialist

Illegal botox treatment by dentists – the administrative court of Münster confirmed on 19.04.2011 that botox treatment by dentists is forbidden and falls outside the scope of dentistry. Therefore, the plaintiff, a dentist from Bielefeld, was subject to the dentistry medical council of Westfalen-Lippe (file number 7 K 338/09). Continue Reading