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To me it is very important to build trust from the very beginning and to help you develop a sense of certainty in your decision. For this reason, I have developed the ME CONCEPT. It takes away your unnecessary anxieties, offers guidance and creates secure conditions for your treatment.

Before surgery, there are always two consultations. I would be happy to offer patients, who would have to travel far, an internet video conference for the first meeting, in order to get to know me.

First consultation

In the framework of the extensive first consultation in our clinic, I discuss your medical results. This is a prerequisite for the creation of a treatment and cost plan, which my assistant Silvia Maslo will send to you in the next few days.
Total costs for the clinic, anaesthesia and materials such as breast implants or compression corsets are listed in the plan.
So I offer every patient fair and transparent prices and you can take your time to decide.

Second consultation

The second consultation takes place some 10 to 14 days before surgery. Here we take care of all the necessary formalities. For example, you need to bring with you the explanation sheet which was given to you and discussed in the first consultation.

Now you obviously have the opportunity to ask any questions that have arisen in the meantime. I will be happy go through all the details again.

The second consultation serves as optimal preparation for your surgery and is part of my professional planning. In the following days, the anaesthetist, who will be present at the operation, will call you and invite you to a personal meeting if you wish.

With us, you are our top priority –

your safety and welfare is our primary quality objective!