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Waiting room

Cosmetic surgery not at any price

The professional medical consultation is the foundation and part of every treatment. Without the important
understanding of your needs, a serious and meaningful implementation of your desires is impossible.
We have established internal quality management for your safety.
After the examination of your general state of health, it may be that treatment is not suitable for you.

Any questions? Go ahead!

Ask any questions, which you may have. Our team offers you an environment of trust from the first moment of scheduling an appointment. All your questions are handled with discretion. I would like to offer you my professional help in an extensive consultation. I will align your ideas with the feasibility of:

  • your anatomical requirements
  • therapy suitable for you
  • alternative methods of treatment and all advantages and disadvantages
  • behaviour patterns after treatment

I will create an individual treatment plan for you. The optimal timeframe for the treatment plays an important role in the process. You should choose an appointment that does not conflict with your private and working life. That is very important for your welfare and health.

Free consultation?

That is banned by the professional regulations of the German Medical Association (Bundesärztekammer)!

A free appointment is not allowed, according to §12 section 1, which is as follows:

“The fee demanded must be reasonable. It is governed by the official physician fee schedule for privately reimbursed medical services (GOÄ) , insofar as other statutory remuneration regulations are not applicable. Physicians may not unfairly charge fees below the rates specified in the GOÄ.
Me consultation fee is, in accordance with the GOÄ, €32.62.