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Cosmetic surgery

A cosmetic surgeon or doctor for cosmetic surgery, as a professional title, is not defined in medical training law.

Every GP or internist in Germany may call themselves a cosmetic surgeon. This means an enormous uncertainty for you when searching for a doctor. For me, it means that I reluctantly apply the term cosmetic surgery, because it is now widespread in society.

Contrary to popular belief, a plastic surgeon is not a cosmetic surgeon, but a medical specialist in the field of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. Aesthetic surgery is part of this training.

Depending on training and professional experience, there can be medical specialists for plastic surgery, who have never carried out cosmetic breast surgery. The mark of quality of the DGPRAEC society, formerly VDPC, presents no security for you.

Quite the opposite: Many members of the DGPRAEC/VDPC are considered medical experts for general surgery with only two years’ training in plastic surgery. It is not uncommon that a doctor for breast surgery is actually an ENT doctor or an oral and maxillofacial surgeon.

What should you do?

Ask your doctor about the actual contents of their career, their training and number of operations. Look for the medical specialist title in the legal notice of the respective website. You can also find the medical specialist entry required by law in the respective chamber of medicine.

What should you pay attention to?

Is the information consistent? What is the information on the website like? Is the information consistent and trustworthy? Are there references from patients? Are the before-and-after pictures true and authentic and not copied? (At conferences, I have seen colleagues passing on pictures by USB stick..)

Always act on your intuition or gut feeling!