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Lower eyelid correction

Lachrymal sacks under the eyes appear unattractive. Patients look tired and drawn. The method of lower eyelid correction is dependent on findings and the loss of skin elasticity. To this purpose, we conduct a so-called snap test

Possibilities for treatment

Some unattractive rings under the eyes are not really lachrymal sacks, but rather bags under the eyes. These bags are rectified effectively with a hyaluronic acid injection. However, this treatment is only temporary.

I see only very limited indications for operating. It is dependent on the age and the severity of the lachrymal sacks. I do not recommend this operation to young patients with moderate, barely visible wrinkles.

True lachrymal sacks exist because of a weakness in connective tissue, in combination with excess fat tissue in the eye socket.

Implementation of the upper eyelid correction

Fine incisions are made 1-2 mm beneath the edge of the eyelid. The connective tissue is strengthened through a special method of operation. The fat in prominent fat tissue can be used as a small “flap”, in order to conceal the lower eyelid rings. Excess skin should be removed extremely cautiously during lower eyelid corrections, in order to avoid an ectropion.

During surgery, a suspension arthroplasty, the so-called lateral canthopexy, can be carried out. I recommend this method to patients who have already been treated elsewhere, who come to me with an ectropion.

This outpatient procedure is carried out in the clinic under general anaesthetic.


The small wound is closed with a skin-coloured, fine Steristrip.

Patients often ask me how long they will be restricted socially and professionally. You should plan a restriction period of a minimum of 7-10 days.