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Upper eyelid correction

Upper eyelid correction, or blepharoplasty, helps sagging upper eyelids and a tired-looking eye area.
The sagging eyelids, which affect men and women, can be surgically corrected. For some, it is so extreme that their field of vision is limited or their eyelashes fall out.
Then there is a medical indication for upper eyelid correction.


Upper eyelid correction is an outpatient procedure and performed under general anaesthetic in the clinic. The skin tissue or fat tissue is removed and the edges of the wound are sewed especially finely. The scar is in the lower lid, heals very well and is nearly invisible.


You will receive a skin-coloured and unnoticeable paper adhesive bandage, which supports wound healing. After one to two hours, patients can be discharged. Five days after the procedure, the stitches are removed in our clinic in Cologne.

After the upper eyelid lift, patients should rest and avoid doing sport.

I recommend that you take arnica dragées before and after the upper eyelid correction. They reduce the risk for the common blue tinting of the eyes.