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Botulinum toxin

Botulinum toxin is one of the most effective therapy options for wrinkles, in particular if it is too early for a facelift or a more gentle alternative is desired.
Treatments with Botox® should only be carried out by an experienced medical specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery, who has the required knowledge of facial anatomy and brings a sense of intuition
for the aesthetics of an attractive face.

Wrinkle treatment with botulinum toxin

Although the number of Botox® treatments is continuously increasing, many people still fear an, albeit wrinkle-free, mask-like facial expression which appears unnatural. There is a huge number of unsightly examples of celebrities with this problem.

Above all, it is medical expertise about the correct injection technique and the right dosage, which dictates the success of wrinkle treatment.

The dosage makes the difference

Because with Botox®, the dosage and the manner of implementation dictate the effect and result. Those who sweepingly dismiss botulinum toxin as poison overlook the fact that the medicine has for decades been administered in much higher doses for medical reasons. Nearly every medicine can have negative health effects if the dosage is too high.

An overdose of botulinum toxin is avoided through using minimal amounts: The substance is only inserted where a – temporary – muscle weakening is desired.

The relaxing effect of Botox® treatment, which ensures a visibly more attractive face within a few days, works through an interruption of the signal transmission between nerves and muscles: The treated muscle either tenses very little or not at all.

This effect has been used for decades by neurologists to combat cramps or, more recently, migraines. These therapies are administered with much higher doses than for wrinkle treatment.

Botulinum toxin treatment – areas of use

With the help of Botox®, prominent, deep expression lines are smoothed out. A typical example is the so-called frown lines between the eyebrows, which make a face look permanently tense and angry.

Furthermore, prominent laughter lines around the eyes or horizontal wrinkles on the forehead respond well to botulinum toxin treatment.

Men as well as women can benefit from treatment.

Within two to four days after treatment and for a duration of about four to six months, the treated facial areas are smoothed out. This also prevents deepening of the annoying wrinkles. Wrinkles lose depth and the face appears less strained, fresher and friendlier.

Medical specialists in plastic-aesthetic surgery, who are entrusted with implementing botulinum toxin, can form complete facial areas with targeted injections. However, a precise knowledge of facial anatomy is essential. Therefore, supposed bargain offers should also be avoided during a planned treatment. These discounters often inject the expensive medicine in a diluted state. The effectiveness is then not ensured.

The result is completely reversible because the body breaks down the substance completely after a few months. An unattractive result, where the wrong muscle is immobilised, can be very stressful. The apparently cheap offer can often cost the patient a lot.