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Plastic surgery

Plastic surgery (plasticos, Greek to form or shape) makes
procedures for restorative or aesthetic reasons possible.
Plastic surgery procedures are also colloquially known as “cosmetic surgery”.

All modifying and functional procedures, which have a medical indication, are classed as plastic-reconstructive treatments.

In the 1980s, increasingly subtle and gentle methods of reconstruction were introduced, particularly in microsurgery (operations under a microscope). Historically, cosmetic surgery developed as a sub-branch of medicine. Now patients profit from the experiences of this sub-branch for aesthetic as well as medical reasons.

Frequently, patients have a deficiency or feel that they have a ‘flaw’. Patients live with substantial restrictions to their life and have a very high level of suffering. My treatment helps to provide you with your desired, ‘normal’ appearance. The results obviously have to be as aesthetically pleasing and attractive as possible. These operations do not fall under the term cosmetic surgery.

Aesthetic or cosmetic surgery constitutes cosmetic interventions for people who want a more attractive, aesthetically pleasing appearance.