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Sweat gland suction

Sweat gland suction treats the condition hyperhidrosis in patients who sweat excessively in a short time. Furthermore, social anxieties and inhibitions can arise through a noticeable and unpleasant body odour. This improves the quality of life of those affected.

Removal of sweat glands

Sweat gland suction offers long-lasting results and more definite chances of success.
It is an outpatient procedure under general anaesthetic.

Initially, the sweat glands are precisely localised and then permanently removed with a special suction curettage in the armpit area. Via very small incisions, the sweat glands found in the sclera and subcutaneous fat tissue are extracted and scraped away with special instruments.

Normally, patients are only slightly restricted in the days after the operation.

In order to support an optimal healing process, patients wear a compression corset for a short period of time.

Methods of botulinum toxin (Botox®) injections

The botulinum toxin injection leads to a temporary improvement of hyperhidrosis. We recommend conservative injection treatment in certain cases.

Excessive sweating on sensitive hands and feet can be treated well with the agent botulinum toxin.