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Plastic-reconstructive surgery deals with the repair of flaws throughout the entire body. This commonly affects flaws after malignant illnesses, accidents or burns.

The removal of malignant skin tumours and the reconstruction of flaws is carried out plastic-surgically. Furthermore, the removal of non-malignant skin changes falls under the specialist medical treatment provided by a plastic surgeon.

Breast reconstruction offers the possibility of creating a new, pleasing breast after a breast amputation or partial removal of a breast.

The medical specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery has specialised, educated knowledge in the fine vascular anatomy of the body surface and can plan and carry out a fitting reconstruction. During reconstruction surgery, tissue which is near the flaw can be used or remote soft tissue can be transplanted microsurgically with or without muscle.

The correction of congenital abnormalities, such as extra fingers and toes in children, is also part of the reconstruction.

Scars can be corrected so that an aesthetic and functional improvement can be achieved.