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Upper arm lift


The principle of an upper arm lift / brachioplasty is the removal of skin and fat tissue from the inside of the upper arm.

Areas of application

In the following cases, an upper arm lift is often desired:

  • Patients who have lost a lot of weight
  • Older patients, who complain of a loss of skin elasticity
  • Patients who have had liposuction on their backs and also want to remove fat from their upper arms


I will be happy to advise you in depth about the advantages and disadvantages, as well as the different treatment possibilities for upper arm lifts.

Methods of treatment

Patients with excessive fat tissue on the upper arms can be treated with liposuction if they have a good skin quality. This technique leads to an internal tightening. The upper arm lift through liposuction causes minimal scarring, as it leaves only small scars of approx. 5-8 mm.

With a loss of skin elasticity, a combination of liposuction and removal of the excess skin is recommended. If only little fat tissue is present and there is also a strong loss of elasticity, an exclusive skin or upper arm lift is more appropriate.