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Brachioplasty is the specialist term for an upper arm lift.
Excessive skin from the upper arms is surgically removed.
A modern operation technique minimises the risk of swelling or circulatory disorders.
Many patients, who come to a consultation about an upper arm lift, understandably worry about overly noticeable scars.
Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a scarless operation. Ideally, the fine scars will be nearly invisible.

Operation technique

Before the operation, I indicate which areas are to be removed. To do so, the upper arm is lifted at a right angle, while the lower arm is in a bent position. The precisely marked area depends on your individual results.

I elliptically mark the skin, which is to be removed, near the armpit and mark a long line above. The bottom line is merely implied because I only determine the excess skin to be removed during the operation itself. Therefore, the freedom of tension of the wound to be sewed is guaranteed, which is very important for an optimal aesthetically pleasing result. The operation is carried out extremely gently with a modern high-frequency device. The brachioplasty is an outpatient procedure and performed under modern TIVA general anaesthetic.


In order to guarantee optimal healing of scars, the wounds must be adapted free of tension and gently with a plastic-surgical stitching technic. As in all skin lifting operations, I make sure in particular that the length of the scars stays as short as possible.

A skin-coloured ME Criss Cross bandage ideally supports wound healing after an upper arm lift. Furthermore, I routinely recommend my specialised post-operation scar therapy for three months.